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The Supreme Court of British Columbia is the province’s superior trial court. The Supreme Court is a court of general and inherent jurisdiction which means that it can hear any type of case, civil or criminal. It hears most appeals from the Provincial Court in civil and criminal cases and appeals from arbitrations. A party may appeal a decision of the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court Act , R. The legislation also provides for supernumerary judges who sit hearing cases part-time. There are also 15 Supreme Court masters who hear and dispose of a wide variety of applications in chambers.

Guide to the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations

For example, your phone may automatically back up files to cloud storage. Remember, if you have questions about sexting you can always call Kids Help Phone at The law is there to protect people and stop this from happening. In , the Supreme Court of Canada decided young people have a right to express themselves sexually by creating and sharing sexual images of themselves if:. When you tell a lawyer you need advice, they have to keep everything you say private.

Before sending a sext, here are the legal issues you need to be aware of.

Drugs that have been used in date rapes are gamma-hydroxybutyrate GHB , flunitrazepam Rohypnol , and ketamine. These drugs inhibit a person’s ability to resist sexual assault. Gamma-hydroxybutyrate GHB is a central nervous system depressant. GHB is a clear, odourless liquid that looks like water and so can be added to a beverage without the person knowing it.

It may also be used in the form of a white powder. Until , GHB was sold in health food stores in products to build muscle tissue and to reduce body fat. Today, it can be obtained over the Internet and often is available at all-night dances, raves, and nightclubs.

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Policies and Procedures. Retaliation against individuals who file reports or otherwise participate in investigative and disciplinary procedures designed to address violations of this policy is also prohibited. This policy does not alter or modify laws, regulations, or college policies applicable to the legitimate exercise of academic freedom or constitutionally-protected rights.

General complaints unrelated to discrimination or harassment based on membership in a protected class or retaliation are addressed in Policy Retaliation against any individual who reports, files a claim, or participates in an investigation or disciplinary proceeding involving alleged violations of this policy is also prohibited.

Original Date: 7/22/ * Last Revision Effective: 10/17/ This policy does not alter or modify laws, regulations, or college policies applicable to the 28B.​ Campus Sexual Violence; Chapter H WAC (BC Policy Student​.

Utah History Encyclopedia “Polygamy,” www. Alabama Constitution of ; Section , Civil Rights Act of , Voting Rights Act of , Aug. On June 25, , in the case Shelby v. May 24, – California Supreme Court in Otsuka v.

Age of consent for sexual activity in Canada

A sexual assault is any sexual contact that you do not consent to. This includes unwanted kissing, touching, penetration or attempted penetration. It may happen once or multiple times, and just because you agreed to sexual contact in the past does not mean you consent to it every time. You can be sexually assaulted by a stranger, a friend, a family member, or your relationship partner.

Canadian law defines consent as your voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. Sexual touching is only lawful if you give your permission, either through words or by your actions.

Relevant laws, consent, SINs, background checks. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for B.C.: Privacy guidance for name, date of birth, banking information and other financial records,; identification.

Search articles, books, journals, and more. Advanced Search. Click the link to chat with a librarian and ask any questions that you might have or send an email to lawref bc. The text of the Massachusetts Constitution appears in the various editions of the General Laws of Massachusetts, and may be found by checking the index for each edition see Codes below. It also may be found on the Internet. Massachusetts Legal Research. Ask a Librarian Click the link to chat with a librarian and ask any questions that you might have or send an email to lawref bc.

Constitution The text of the Massachusetts Constitution appears in the various editions of the General Laws of Massachusetts, and may be found by checking the index for each edition see Codes below. Massachusetts Constitution. These volumes provide the text of all public and private acts passed by the annual sessions of the Massachusetts legislature, officially known as the General Court of the Commonwealth.

Coverage for this set is from to the present.

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In British Columbia, there is not as big a distinction in the law as it applies to married and unmarried couples and same sex partners. For those who are co-habitating and not married or are co-habitating in a same sex relationship they have the same rights as if they were married spouses if they have been living together for at least two years before they separate. For others not within these definitions there is no Statute, which guarantees any entitlement to them.

The age of majority in British Columbia is 19 years old. That’s the age when someone May be sentenced for crimes under adult law. Donate organs/​tissues.

The landlord-tenant relationship can involve the collection, use and disclosure of significant amounts of personal information. Privacy issues can arise, for example, relating to:. Here are some answers to the most common questions that we are asked by tenants or prospective tenants. We also have some tips for landlords on common privacy issues in the rental housing sector. PIPEDA sets out the ground rules for how businesses, including landlords, must handle personal information in the course of commercial activity.

Many landlords use credit bureaus. Credit bureaus collect, use and disclose personal information through their consumer credit reports. They are also governed by provincial and federal privacy laws. British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have provincial private sector laws that apply to landlords in those provinces. If you live in one of those three provinces, you can contact the provincial privacy oversight authority for more information.

Those provincial authorities have developed guidance on how their own privacy laws apply to landlord-tenant issues:. Under PIPEDA , personal information includes any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual. This includes information in any form, such as:. In some situations, landlords should be getting your express agreement to a collection, use or disclosure before going ahead with something like a credit check.

Privacy in the landlord and tenant relationship

McBride declines, asserting that they do not have a legal case and that Indigenous people, in general, are satisfied with BC policies. In response, the Interior Tribes issues a Memorial and Declaration, reiterating their July declaration. Due to government approval of the McKenna-McBride recommendations, the Allied Tribes declares that they are entitled to a hearing at the Privy Council and demands the funding and sanction to do so.

The Committee considers the position of the Allied Tribes for two weeks, then declares that they had not proven any rights to the land based on Aboriginal or other title. The Committee recommends that the matter be closed, and blaming outside agitators for Indigenous resistance, recommends a ban on obtaining funds or legal counsel to advance Aboriginal Title cases.

periods in provincial laws and enactments. The suspension is set to end 90 days after the date on which the last declaration of a state of emergency expires or.

Added by Acts , 82nd Leg. September 1, This chapter does not apply to an Internet service provider serving as an intermediary for the transmission of electronic messages between members of an online dating service provider. B an offense the conviction or adjudication of which requires registration as a sex offender under Chapter 62 , Code of Criminal Procedure; or.

C an offense for which an affirmative finding of family violence was made under Article B criminal background checks may give members a false sense of security;. C criminal background checks are not a perfect safety solution;. D criminals may circumvent even the most sophisticated search technology;. E not all criminal records are public in all states and not all databases are up to date;. F only publicly available convictions are included in the criminal background check; and.

G the criminal background check does not cover other types of convictions than convictions for offenses described by Section An online dating service provider that offers services to residents of this state shall clearly and conspicuously provide a safety awareness notification on the provider’s Internet website that includes a list and description of safety measures reasonably designed to increase awareness of safer online dating practices.

Examples of the safety awareness notification include the following statements or substantially similar statements:. Stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it.

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